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Make it Easy to Recyle

Our Free Home Collections

We find a way to reuse your electronics - working or not.

If we can't reuse them, they'll be fully recycled.

Nothing goes to landfill.

If you
live or work in the postcodes we collect from, we'll pick up from you.

Otherwise drop off at a one of our hubs.

Want flyers or a poster for your area? Here are three sizes:


We reuse or recycle:

Mobile phones; laptops; desktop computers; servers; switches; hard drives; cameras; camera lenses and accessories; games consoles; Gameboys; Nintendos; Playstation; Xbox; iPads; iPods; iPhones; Android phones; graphics cards; modems; tablets; tools; cords and cables; turntables; Foxtell and other type boxes; Apple TV; Telstra TV; DVD players; stereos; home appliances ( smaller than a microwave); vacuums; drones; small to medium-size power tools; routers; vintage mobile phones; vintage radios; receivers; amplifiers; clock radios.

Don't see your items on our list? Contact us at

Buy us a Kofi to help us stay free...

Xbox Video Game Controller
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