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Lisa and Adrian Saunders

A Story of Tenacity

Looking at the piles on the side of the road in 2019, Lisa and Adrian began a familiar complaint, "Surely some of that stuff has value. It's crazy to throw it into landfill..." At that moment, they decided to stop complaining and do something. Lisa and Adrian started their journey, offering free electronics recycling to the whole community as a social enterprise. 


Now in their fifth year, they've saved over 7000 tonnes of electronics and appliances from landfill through a unique network that to re-uses over 60% of the items they collect. The rest gets responsibly recycled.


They've also turned electronics recycling into thousands of dollars for charities such as ReLove, Kyds, The Northern Beaches Women's Shelter and FSHD research.

They've re-homed heritage items and electronics that have another life in them, reconditioned old technology and found sought-after parts for keen restorers and collectors.

Whirl Recycling is and will always will be a fully free service to the community, business, governments, schools, religious institutions... everyone.

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