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100% Free Pick up &
Recycling of Electronics

140,000 Tonnes of Electronics go to Landfill Each Year

Minus 6500 tonnes we've saved since 2019.


Our network of committed recyclers, collectors and refurbishers share our love of recycling and care deeply about keeping electronics out of landfill.

We proudly partner with individuals, environmental groups, schools, companies and religious institutions to hold events and get the word out.

All to make it easier to keep electronics and appliances out of landfill. 

Thanks for sharing the journey with us!

Lisa  & Adrian

We Believe

Our old electronics have a story to tell.

They don't need to end up in landfill.


It's so expensive and hard to make them.


 And far easier to reuse, repair or recycle.


We find the best and most sustainable way to give your unwanted items a new story to tell.


We Recycle:

Mobile phones; laptops; desktop computers; cameras; camera lenses and accessories; servers; switches; modems; tablets; iPads; iPods; iPhones; Android; computer games; Gameboys; Nintendos; Xbox; Playstations; tools; cords and cables; garden tools; turntables; DVD players; stereos; drones; computer keyboards; small to medium-size power tools; routers; hard drives; vintage mobile phones; vintage radios; receivers; amplifiers; motors.

Turning recycling into funding

Are you a charity that receives electronics and appliances as donations and don't know what to do with them? We can turn them into a powerful new revenue stream, helping supplement donations and giving you increased financial options and flexibility.

Alternatively, we can work with you to host a community recycling collection. Australians throw out on average 20kg of electronics each year per person. By creating an electronics collection drive, you can help turn that issue from a problem into a resource for funding.

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