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100% Free Electronics Recycling

We reuse and recycle electronics - new, old and vintage...

If it has a cord, is a cord, runs on a battery, working or not, we keep it out landfill.

If it's working, we try to find it a new home as is. Broken items help build a new device or become base materials for manufacturing.

Your data is protected either by fully erasing or breaking it down. For more information on how we secure your data, see our FAQ page.

Our Electronics have a story to tell...


They don't need to end up in landfill.


It's so expensive and hard to make them.


 And far easier to reuse, repair or recycle.


We find the best and most sustainable way to give your unwanted items their next story...

Nothing goes to landfill. Nada, zip, zilch, zero

Lisa and Adrian

If it has a cord or is a cord, we recycle it:

Mobile phones; laptops; desktop computers; cameras; camera lenses and accessories; servers; switches; modems; tablets; iPads; iPods; iPhones; Android; computer games; Gameboys; Nintendos; Xbox; Playstations; tools; cords and cables; small kitchen appliances; massage guns; garden tools; turntables; DVD players; stereos; drones; computer keyboards; small to medium-size power tools; routers; hard drives; vintage mobile phones; vintage radios; receivers; amplifiers; motors.


Don't see your items listed? Email us

We Partner with Charities

Are you a not-for-profit or registered charity looking to support electronics recycling in your area? We can help you set up events or a hub with revenue sharing that gives back to your organisation.  Email us to find out more.


Buy us a Kofi to help open a recycling & education centre...

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