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How to Prepare for Home Collections and Events

There are a few things that help the recycling process...


Wipe Your Items


We process your electronics by hand. Wiping down your items removes dust, dirt and cobwebs to keep toxins out of our lungs and off our clothes.


Check What We Take


There are items we can't take, as we don't have the facilities to safely process them. Please check our list to make sure we can recycle your items.


Unlock from the Cloud


We destroy all data on all devices. If you remove your phone or tablet from your cloud account, then reset it, it can be reused safely. Can't do this?  That's fine too. It can be used for parts.

Cardboard box_edited_edited.jpg

Box Only in Cardboard


Box all items in cardboard only. Our facilities are too rough on plastic or other types of boxes. No plastic or other types of bags either please. 


Remove Soft Plastics


Remove all plastic bags and styrofoam packaging. Due to the volumes we receive, it's a considerable time and expense for us to transport these to a recycler.


Leave on Your Doorstep


To ensure your items aren't taken, leave them on your property, protected from rain, on your front doorstep, with a note, "for Lisa & Adrian".

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