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A Northern Beaches
Recycling & Education Centre

We're raising funds to open a centre, conveniently located in Brookvale

Where everyone can can drop off electronics and appliances knowing they'll be responsibly repurposed or recycled.

Open to everyone and anyone who stops by

   - People in households, businesses, schools and government

   - In or out of the Northern Beaches LGA

An educational centre for people, schools and groups to learn more about sustainable living.

Your place to help build cleaner future...

Join us in gathering support in the community to make this centre happen - to make it your centre.



We'll reduce landfill to support cleaner air, water and soil, helping preserve the stunning beauty of Australia for generations to come



 Through repurposing and recycling, we reduce the demand for raw materials and mining.



Help people learn how  to live more sustainably to reduce all types of landfill in the community.



As the centre thrives and grows, so will the local economy. Green-employment helps foster progress towards a cleaner future.

Give Time or Equipment

There are many ways you can help build the centre.
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