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Small Ways to Impact #6

Design for the future.

Today’s solutions often become tomorrow’s problem.

It may seem like a big ask, but design teams need to balance form, aesthetics, function and sustainability. You need to ask some critical questions at the start of the design process:

How much toxins would 1,000,000 of these items leave if dumped into landfill?

Is this design able to be continually manufactured, used and recycled?

We are too many people on this planet to disregard our impact.

Take this doorbell. Halving the size would save the company costs and reduce the amount of materials going to landfill. Or reduce the burden on recycling.

Making sure there's an easy way to remove the battery makes it more likely that both the doorbell and battery will be recycled.

Bringing sustainability into the design process makes it more likely your designs will endure in positive ways.

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